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  • Online communications will be used only for limited purposes.  Online communications cannot be used for emergencies or time-sensitive matters.  It should be used with caution.  If there is other information that you don't want transmitted via online communications, you must inform your provider.
  • Cardiac Institute cannot and will not send any patient information by means of "normal" email services, such as Yahoo, Gmail,, any patient information that is made available online will be presented through the patient portal. 
  • Cardiac Institute cannot be held responsible for any delays in online communication, transmittal or accuracy of information.
  • Follow-up is solely your responsibility.  You are responsible for scheduling any necessary appointments and for determining if an unanswered online communication was not received.
  • You are responsible for taking steps to protect yourself from unauthorized use of online communications, such as keeping your password confidential.  Cardiac Institute is not responsible for breaches of confidentiality caused by you or an independent third party.
  • The services on the patient portal are provided on an “As-Is” and “As available” basis.
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